About Us

About The Lamson Group

Established in 1898 and proudly Australian owned. Provider of material handling solutions and cash security and handling products.

Consisting of Lamson Concepts and subsidiaries, Lamson Safes and Security, Lamson Malaysia and Lamson Macau the group has grown from the original Lamson Engineering which was founded in Sydney in 1898.

The company has a national presence as well as offices in Kuala Lumpur and Macau. The Lamson pneumatic tube system is known world wide in health, retail, banking and many other markets. Our robotic and automation products are from technology leaders.

Our team include mechanical and electrical engineers, programmers, mechatronic professions. Our management are hands-on and focused on company growth and improvement to ensure Lamson name remains synonymous through the 21st century.

Our History

Very few engineering companies can boast growth spanning 3 centuries. Since 1898 when Mr Charles Kemp opened doors in Queen St, Sydney, Lamson has focused on material handling systems.

The original founder, Mr William Stickney Lamson, founded the company Lamson LLC in 1878 in Syracuse USA. He developed the Ball System, which was a hollowed ball that ran down a network of inclined tracks to send change, receipts and scripts from one end of a facility to the other.

From this the Rapid Wire or flying Fox system was born which utilised a series of spring loaded “clips” to catapult a small payload (money/receipts /notes) to and fro a warehouse, trading store or office.

At the turn of the 20th century or early 1900’s the famous pneumatic tube system became common place with retailers and banks. By the middle of the 20th century pneumatic tubes systems (PTS) were extensively used in sample handling cash handling and healthcare. Systems spanning thousands of meters would send hot or cold payloads across mining sites, smelters, industrial plants, toll roads, logistic plants, retailers, banks and hospitals.

Lamson is the largest manufacturer of PTS systems in the southern hemisphere and have several patents for niche markets including casino chip/card/cash transports and Cash In Transit (C.I.T.) applications.

Now in the 21st century Lamson are the exclusive agents for leading technology companies. The Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) system was introduced into Australian Healthcare in 2010. Other pioneering endeavours introduced into Australia by Lamson are our automated pharmacy robots our unique mobile RFID tracking robot and a recent automated mobile skype robot designed for remote communication and monitoring for the elderly and aged care environments.

Our focus on world class partners and in house design expertise ensures our history remains.