Storage FAQs

What is a storage bin?

A storage bin is simply any physical container used to organise items, typically used in warehouses and industrial settings. They are also referred to as parts bins or storage containers.

What is the best type of storage bin?

The best type of storage bin will depend on your specific needs and environment. You will want a storage bin that is large enough to store what you need, fits in the space you have, is strong enough to not be damaged by what you store in it, and ideally can be stored or organised in some way that makes your workspace more efficient.

How do louvred panels work?

Louvred panels work by employing gravity and clever engineering to help organise your storage and parts bins. A sheet of high grade steel is manufactured with a series of "hooks" in it. This sheet is the fixed to a vertical surface with screws, and it's ready to use! Simply hang the lip of your storage container over the hook and the louvred panel will counterbalance it, suspending it in the air.