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LP2 Louvred Panel

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Louvred Panel LP2

Louvred panels are the ideal storage solution for any business looking to optimize their workspace usage. Perfectly designed for storage bins and parts bins in the modern Australian workshop, Lamson's high-quality louvred panels can improve space effectiveness and efficiency instantly.

Storage Bin Louvred Panels

Expertly designed to mount to any wall or stable structure, Lamson's louvred panels allow for vertical storage of storage bins and parts bins without taking up more floor space. Every bin securely fixes to the louvred panel, allowing you to maximise your space and declutter your workroom.

Lamson's louvred panels are also designed to be linked together to create a custom storage solution for any space. Mix and match our various sizes and your storage bins and parts bins will be organised in no time.

Louvred Walls For Parts Bins

Every Lamson louvred wall panel is built using the highest quality materials to meet the strictest Australian safety and resilience standards. Made from 1.6mm thick powder-coated steel, these louvred panels will be able to withstand even the most vigorous workplaces and still last for years to come.  

The LP2 is 455mm wide x 455mm high.

Louvred Panel Walls For Any Workspace

Lamson has designed every one of our products for the exacting standards of the Australian workplace. Your needs are as unique as your work, which is why you can create storage solutions exactly how you need them with our mix and match design philosophy.


The matrix below shows the number of bins you can fit on a panel.

  Size 6 Size 5 Size 4 Size 3z Size 3zd Size 2
LP1 (450w x 900h) 18


8 3 n/a 2
LP2 (455w x 455h) 24


12 6 3 2
LP3 (455w x 610h) 36


16 9 n/a 4
LP4 (455w x 914h) 36


18 10 5 4


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