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Storage Bin - Size 5

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Storage Bin - Size 5

Lamson is proud to offer our hard-working customers an equally hard-working storage solution with our range of high-quality storage and parts bins. Made to help you do your work without getting in the way.

Storage Bins For Australians

When we designed our storage bins with Australian workplaces in mind, we knew we had to use a tough material that could stand up to anything. That's why we chose high-density virgin grade polypropylene as our construction material, giving each storage bin incredible strength and durability even in the toughest environments.

Tough As Nails Parts Bins 

Not only are our bins high strength, but they have a range of other useful features as well. No sharp edges mean no tears or scratches. Rust and UV resistance mean they can stand up to any environment. Compatibility with most industrial oils and acids means you can clean them any which way and they'll be good as new.

Designed To Work With Our Louvred Panels

All of our storage bins and parts bins have also been designed to work seamlessly with our louvred panel range. This not only allows you to store many storage bins in the one area, but also clears up your workspace to allow for new equipment.

Length (mm): 165
Width (mm): 100
Height (mm): 80

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